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Residencies are available to established and emerging visual and literary artists 18 years of age and older without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. The program is designed for single individuals, not for families or pets. Smoking is limited to outdoor areas. Facilities may be reserved in advance for groups and workshops.

We accept applications for residency on a continual basis; there are no deadlines. The applicant must submit the required application and samples of their artwork or writing as slides, digital photos or documents. A selection committee reviews all applications on an individual basis. Please allow a minimum of 90 days for the review process and response.


Artcroft is located in scenic Millersburg, Kentucky overlooking the historic city square and park, just 10 minutes East of Paris HWY 68. We can accommodate 5 artists at a time. Artcroft’s facilities include four visual art studios including: Ceramics, Woodworking, Sculpture, Painting; and a 1,500 square foot gallery space built in a renovated 1906 bank building.

Cost of Residency Fellowships

Residencies at Artcroft cost $125 per week, which helps offset the maintenance and utilities expenses. Individuals must cover the cost of food, transportation, and materials related to their projects.

Artcroft is committed to working with cultural organizations and government programs that provide support to creative individuals. We are pleased to have worked with the U.S State Department’s International Visitors’ Leadership Program, The Kentucky Arts Council, The Montgomery County (KY) Council of Arts, UK Entrepreneurial Program, and The Hopewell Museum (Paris, KY). We welcome the opportunity to coordinate with other programs, foundations and funding sources.

Donors wishing to offer grants or in-kind services in support of the Artcroft Residency Program are encouraged to contact Robert Barker at (859) 473-0552. 115 E. 5th St. Millersburg, KY 40361.

Opportunities in Community Arts Programming range from offering writer’s workshops, providing art classes for youth, exhibiting work at commercial galleries, and giving poetry or literary readings. When submitting an Application for Residency, please indicate your specific area of interest and provide us with advance notice of the resources you will need to present a Community Arts Programming event.

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